Majestic lighting

Majestic Archietecual Lighting Design was founded by Joshua Crampton in 2009 in Houston Texas and has since been expanding continuously across the United States. Majestic Broke 1 Million a Year in Revenue in 2021 and now offers both residential and commercial illumination services in more than 7 cities. Majestics design team expanded first to San Antonio in 2013 by partnering with Aaron Dhalstein. San Antonio was our first multilocation expansion. Now after bein in San Antoino for more than 10 years. Majestic offers design and installation services in: Dallas Texas, Austin Texas, Galveston Texas, Corpus Christi Texas, Miami Florida, Denver Colorado and currently expanding to Los Angelas California and searching for more strategic partnerships to expand. Our goal is to operate and have design teams in more than 40 United State cities and then expand internationally in 2022. In 2021 we made our biggest expansion by acquiring and partnering with our own lighting manufacturing company FireFly Lighting Manufacturing in San Antonio Texas which was originally founded by Mr. Kelli Fracis. We can now say all our lighting fixtures are “Made in San Antonio Texas.” By strategically partnering with and aquiring our own lighting manufacturer we now have the ability to custom produce and control the quality of what lighting products we install.