Multigen Wellness

MultiGen Healthcare was founded in 2020 in San Antonio Texas and Boerne Texas. MultiGen Wellness was created to help our clients scientifically become the best version of themselves. We designed an integrative health approach to hormone therapy starting with a complete 51+ point hormone panel which checks the statistics on over 51 hormones in the human body. We systemeatically over a period of months work to first straiten out the hormonal human system, but then to maximize the operations system in the human body. All of our services are done through a custom downloadable APP the patient downloads on their phone. All their services are done right from the APP even monthly doctor visits. Our patients goals are to be the most effective human being they can be and even beyond thier genetic codes. We can help increase vitality, muscular make up, intelligence, witt, brain activity, sleep functions, sexuality, sports performance and we systematically effect all 3 human operation systems: The Testicles or ovaries, the Thyroid System & the Adrenal Glands. Our patients get their medications shipped directly to their home within 24 hours and recieve continual support from a dedicated Wellness Coach as well as a dedicated Phycisian. MultiGen Wellness Online begain offering services in Texas in 2020. We expanded to offering online services in Florida, Arizona, Georgia & Louisiana in 2021. We are currently oppening up New York and seeking to open up all of the United States over 2022. MultiGen Healthcare will open services in Europe & Austrailia in 2023. Future plans are to open our own clean compounding pharmacy as well as our own clean hormone testing labs in 2022.